Delivery and Sale

1. These terms and conditions contain and govern the entire agreement between the customer (simultaneously and together meant: the person physically present and residing in our buildings and infrastructures as well as the person acting with us in his name or on his behalf or in the name or on behalf of third parties; hereinafter together referred to as ”the customer“) and our company, in respect of all the works, supplies and services requested by, or entrusted to us (hereinafter referred to as ”the services“). These conditions are deemed to have been irrevocably accepted upon signature by the guest of the only written (paper, email, fax, or on any other fixed medium) offer, proposal, offer or order form (hereinafter collectively referred to as ”order form“), regardless of previous correspondence and regardless of any other conditions of any kind whatsoever on the part of the customer. Any deviation from these conditions must be made in writing.

2. By properly completing and signing an order form, the customer places a final and irrevocable order with our company for services as described in this order form. The customer may only invoke a written order against our company if this order bears the express written approval of our company, hereby only legally represented by one of its directors or a member of its management expressly designated thereto.

3. Any modification, addition or deletion relating to the services described in the order form must be the subject of an appendix to the order form. In the absence thereof, it will always and irrevocably be assumed that these services were performed in accordance with the verbal instructions of the client.

4. Our prices, as stated in our offers, either as unit prices or as fixed prices, have been determined on the basis of the levies, taxes, rates, official exchange rates, salaries and social charges valid on the date of the establishment of the order form. They can always be revised by our company and even without the prior agreement of the customer, if the market prices or the parameters for their calculation at the time of invoicing have increased by at least 5 %.

5. Each period of delivery of services, if mentioned, is only indicated in an indicative manner, and late delivery or execution does not allow the customer to cancel the order or claim damages, nor to suspend his payment obligations. In any event, any event which constitutes an insurmountable obstacle or which forces us to temporarily or permanently suspend the provision of services shall be considered as a case of force majeure, including (but not limited to) accidents, wars and their consequences, bad weather conditions, strikes, lock-outs, shortage of labour and materials, disruptions and difficulties in transport, etc., which occur with us or at with our suppliers. The temporary suspension of the services due to force majeure shall automatically and without compensation imply that the originally foreseen execution period is extended by a period equal to the suspension period, plus the time necessary to restart the services. We expressly reserve the right to claim damages from the customer if we could not start the execution of our obligations on the agreed date and if these impediments can be attributed to the customer. For his part, the customer shall ensure that our services can be started immediately. Failing this, direct and indirect costs resulting from the loss of time will be charged to the customer, without prior notice of default. General terms and conditions of delivery and sale

6. The customer is liable to our company for any harmful event occurring in our buildings and to our infrastructures and goods, employees, appointees, staff members, subcontractors and their materials and service providers, both as a result of the customer‘s own fault (even the lightest) and that of persons for whom he is responsible or that of third parties whom he has admitted or tolerates at the place where the service is provided. In the same sense, the customer shall fully indemnify our company against any liability of third parties in this respect. Our company shall not be liable for the loss, theft, loss of value or damage of goods, objects, securities or other items of any kind entrusted to us by the customer, both on and outside our buildings and infrastructures, as well as during their transport or delivery. To the extent that the aforementioned limitation of liability would be usefully challenged, it shall in all cases apply up to a maximum amount of 1,000.00 EUR. Our company does not enter into any agreement or obligation to store the vehicles (and their contents) brought by the customer and placed in the parking area of the company, even if this is done against payment. Nor is it liable for any damage to these vehicles or their contents, unless this would have been done by the company or its employees. In the latter case, the undertaking is relieved of any liability if the customer has not reported the damage at the latest when leaving the car area in question. The customer shall be liable to our company and, by way of full indemnification of our company against third parties, for any damage caused by or via the goods of any kind entrusted to our company by the customer. The parties expressly agree that the obligations of our company are a best-efforts obligation and not a results obligation. Under no circumstances shall our company be liable for its own fault or negligence or that of its employees, even in the event of gross fault, negligence or intent, except where the contract or the law expressly and compulsorily provide for certain liabilities.

7. Termination of the order entrusted to us, either before or during the execution of the services, is only possible with our express agreement, whereby the customer shall always be obliged to pay in full the costs and charges already paid, the services already performed, together with the materials and supplies already delivered, plus a compensation equal to 30 % of the total agreed sum without VAT for the fact of the further loss of the order. The same rules apply if the customer does not use our deliveries and services and has failed to report this in accordance with the applicable provisions, unless those provisions provide for a higher compensation, in which case this higher compensation is due.

8. By virtue of our deliveries and services, our guarantee is limited to those that we can obtain from our own suppliers. Under all circumstances, the warranty is limited to the replacement of the defective parts or materials. The transport costs and working hours are at the expense of the customer. For no reason whatsoever, we can be held to any reimbursement, payment or compensation. Under no circumstances shall our company be liable for defects of any kind that may affect the goods and services supplied by our company, our subcontractors or employees, whereby the customer shall only have recourse against our suppliers or the producers of the materials and goods concerned. Usual variations and differences in delivered goods, for whatever reason, shall never be borne by our company, nor shall any other defects in the delivered – 1 – goods or materials be borne by us, even after they have been further modified, treated or used by the customer or by third parties on behalf of the customer. Use or handling of the goods or materials delivered by our company with the wrong products or without following or having followed the instructions of our company regarding use and maintenance, is always without any recourse against the customer. In no event shall our company be liable for defects of any kind in goods and materials supplied by the customer, its subcontractors, agents or employees. The provisions of articles 1643 et seq. of the Belgian Civil Code concerning hidden defects in the sold item do not apply, with the exception of article 1648. The destruction or damage by accident or force majeure of the delivered goods or materials or of the delivered services, or due to the own fault of the customer or of persons for whom he is responsible or whom he allows or tolerates, is never at the expense of our company. In all cases, an unconditional payment of our advances, commissions, invoices or other statements of expenses without reasoned protest shall be considered as a final and irrevocable acceptance of the services, works and deliveries mentioned therein or virtually included. In all cases, the unconditional full or partial commissioning of the goods and services delivered by the guest or his authorised representatives shall at the same time be regarded as their final and irrevocable acceptance with payment obligation.

9. In order to be valid, any complaint regarding advances, payments and invoices must be made by registered letter to the registered office of our company within five calendar days from the date of dispatch of the invoice, debit note or statement of costs. The invoice date is irrefutably presumed to be the date on which the invoice was sent. Payment of the invoice without protest within the set period or commissioning of the goods and services always and without exception provides sufficient proof of the services delivered.

10. All goods, materials and supplies, as well as the deliveries and services carried out themselves, remain the property of our company until full payment of our invoices in principal and adherence (retention of title). This also applies if the works, deliveries, goods or materials of our company are only a part (secondary matter) of a larger whole (mainly) of which the ownership or parts thereof would not belong to our company.

11. All our orders and deliveries are payable in cash to our registered office, except in the case of special agreements to that effect concluded exclusively in writing. Our company reserves the right to demand one or more advance(s) to be determined by it on the services to be performed before accepting the order and/or another type of guarantee before the start of the deliveries, or at its discretion one or more interim payments during the execution period, such according to the financial position of the customer, the scope and cost price of the requested services, and more. The VAT and all other taxes, duties, levies or costs are always at the expense of the customer. If the customer fails to pay the principal sum and the adhesion determined in accordance with the invoice within the aforementioned period, the full amount shall be due and payable at once and without further notice of default. Any payment is only valid if made in cash (legally accepted means of payment in Belgium), by bank transfer, by guaranteed or limited cheque, or by any other payment instrument expressly accepted by our company. No person other than the directors of our company or the members of management appointed for this purpose is authorised to receive payments of any kind. The date of payment by bank transfer or cheque is the date on which this amount is credited to our account. Payment by bill of exchange does not imply novation.

12. Any debt owed by a customer who remains unpaid on the due date shall automatically and without notice of default or any other formality, bear interest at a rate of 12 % per annum, calculated from the due date until the date of full payment, as well as a fixed compensation of 15 % with a minimum of 500.00 Euro, on the principal amount due. The costs related to unpaid bills of exchange or cheques, as well as all other collection costs, are not included in the fixed compensation and are charged additionally. Any delay in payment may give rise to the suspension or destruction of the deliveries and services still to be carried out and to the refusal to accept new orders. This clause is only for the benefit of our company and can only be invoked by us. If the customer is a consumer within the meaning of the Belgian Code of Economic Law, our company is entitled in the event of non-payment to charge the consumer interest rate applicable at that time, without prejudice to the other surcharges and fees permitted by law and without prejudice to the right of our company to prove a higher damage.

13. In the event of plurality, all obligations of the customer rest jointly and severally with each of them and are indivisible. Each person who places an order on behalf of third parties, or with request to invoice to third parties, makes himself strong for the third parties, in accordance with article 1120 of the Belgian Civil Code, and will always remain personally responsible for the payment if it is not timely carried out by these third parties.

14. Our orders and agreements are governed by the law of the Kingdom of Belgium. All disputes concerning the creation, execution or interpretation of the order form, the contract, the invoice, the general conditions or any other document within the framework of the contract shall be brought before the courts of the district of Brussels, of the district in which the guest has his registered office or place of residence or shall be dealt with by means of arbitration or by means of a European payment order, at the exclusive choice of our company and without any recourse on the part of the client. If one or more provisions of these conditions should conflict with a mandatory legal provision, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions and the invalid provision shall be converted into a valid provision that best reflects the letter and spirit of these conditions.

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Event Organisation

I. Scope

1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to contracts for the letting of conference, banquet and meeting spaces of the B&B for the organisation of events such as conferences, banquets, seminars, meetings and other events as well as to any further supplies and services by the B&B in connection therewith, in particular the reservation of accommodation.

II. Conclusion of Contract, Contractual Partner

1. The Contract on Event Organisation (hereinafter referred to in short as ”Contract“) shall come into existence by Ordering Party‘s acceptance of the B&B‘s offer in writing. If the Ordering Party concludes the Contract on behalf of a third party, such third party shall become the Contractual Partner of the B&B in lieu of the Ordering Party; the Ordering Party shall in particular inform the B&B of this fact in due time before the Contract is concluded and provide the B&B with the name and address of the actual Contractual Partner.

2. If the Ordering Party evidently concludes the Contract on behalf of a third party or if the third party has instructed a commercial agent or organiser to complete the Contract, the Ordering Party, the agent or the organiser shall be jointly and severally liable with the third party, who shall become a Contractual Partner, for any obligations arising from the Contract to the extent the B&B was so notified by the Ordering Party, agent or organiser. Independent of this, the Ordering Party is obliged to pass on all booking-related information to the third party, in particular the present General Terms and Conditions.

3. Sub-letting and re-letting of the let rooms, space or glass cases as well as invitations to job interviews, sales and other events shall require the B&B‘s prior written consent.

III. Services, prices, payment, set-off

1. The B&B is obliged to render the services ordered by the Contractual Partner and consented to by the B&B in accordance with the present General Terms and Conditions.

2. The Contractual Partner is obliged to pay the prices of the B&B agreed or applicable for these services. This also applies to third-party services and expenses which the Contractual Partner incurs to the B&B in connection with the event, in particular also to claims of copyright collection societies. The prices agreed shall include VAT at the applicable statutory rate. If the period elapsing between conclusion of the contract and performance of the contract exceeds four months and VAT at the statutory rate increases after conclusion of the contract, the B&B reserves the right to increase the agreed prices by the amount by which the applicable VAT has increased. Moreover, the Contractual Partner shall be liable for the payment of all food and beverages ordered by the participants of the event as well as any other costs incurred by the participants of the event.

3. Upon receipt, invoices issued by the B&B shall become due for payment immediately, without deduction. The B&B may at any time request the Contractual Partner to pay claims due for payment without undue delay. The Contractual Partner shall be in default at the latest upon failure to pay within 30 days after the due date and receipt of an invoice. This shall apply to a Contractual Partner who is consumer only if these consequences have been specified in the invoice. In the case of default of payment, the B&B is entitled to charge consumers interest equal to the statutory interest rate increased with 5 percentage points. For business transactions, the interest rate for payment default is equal to the special statutory interest rate as foreseen in the Act regarding the Arrears of Payment of 2 August 2002 (‘Wet Betalingsachterstand betreffende de bestrijding van de betalingsachterstand bij handelstransacties’) increased with 8 percentage points. The B&B reserves the right to prove a higher damage. For each reminder sent after default occurs, the B&B may charge a reminder fee in the amount of EUR 5.00.

4. The B&B is entitled to request from the Contractual Partner, on conclusion of the Contract or later, a reasonable advance payment or security in the form of a credit card guarantee, downpayment or similar. The amount of the advance payment and the payment dates may be agreed in the Contract in writing.

5. In justified cases, e.g. payment arrears of the customer or expansion of the contractual scope, the B&B is entitled to request, also after conclusion of the Contract up to the commencement of the event, an advance payment or furnishing of security within the meaning of clause 4 above or the increase in the advance payment or security agreed in the Contract up to the full agreed remuneration. General Terms and Conditions for Event Organisation

6. The Contractual Partner shall be entitled to set off a claim of the B&B only with unappealable and final res judicata claims.

IV. Rescission by the Contractual Partner, cancellation

1. The B&B grants the Contractual Partner the right to rescind the Contract at any time subject to the following conditions:

  • If the Contractual Partner rescinds the reservation, the B&B shall be entitled to reasonable compensation.
  • The B&B may elect to claim from the Contractual Partner damage compensation in the form of a lump-sum compensation amount instead of a specifically calculated compensation. In the case of rescission more than 60 days before the date of the event, the lump-sum compensation shall amount to 50 % of the contractually agreed price for the event, in particular for the lease of the hotel space, the rooms and the provision of food and beverage. In case of rescission fewer than 60 days prior to the date of the event, the lump-sum compensation shall amount to 80 % of the contractually agreed price for the event, in particular for the lease of the hotel space, the rooms and the provision of food and beverage. The amount contractually agreed shall be calculated in accordance with the agreed number of participants. If a price for food and beverage has not yet been contractually fixed, the lowest-priced 3-course menu of the respective event offer applicable at that time shall form the basis of the lump-sum compensation. The Contractual Partner shall be free to prove that the B&B has not suffered any damage, or that the damage incurred to the B&B amounts to less than the lump-sum compensation claimed.
  • If the B&B calculates the damage specifically, the amount of such reasonable damage may total as a maximum the contractually agreed price for the services to be rendered by the B&B, less the value of the expenses saved by the B&B as well as the amount accruing to the B&B from supplies and services rendered to any other contractual partners instead.

2. The above provisions on the compensation shall apply mutatis mutandis if the Contractual Partner does not make use of the booked services and fails to notify this fact to the B&B in due time.

3. If the B&B has granted to the Contractual Partner an option to rescind the Contract within a certain period without any further legal consequences, the B&B shall not be entitled to any compensation. For the question of whether the declaration of rescission is made in due time, receipt thereof at the B&B shall be decisive. The Contractual Partner has to declare the rescission in writing.

V. Rescission by the B&B

1. If a rescission right free of charge has been granted to the Contractual Partner according to IV clause 3, the B&B shall likewise be entitled to rescind the Contract within the agreed period in the event that other guests and customers inquire for the booked rooms and meeting spaces and the Contractual Partner does not waive its rescission right free of charge pursuant to IV clause 3 after being requested to do so by the B&B.

2. If an agreed advance payment or security, or such advance payment or security as requested pursuant to III clause 4 and/or 5, is not performed, also after expiry of a reasonable grace period set by the B&B, the B&B shall also be entitled to rescind the Contract.

3. Moreover, the B&B is entitled to extraordinary rescission of the Contract for good cause, in particular if

  • force majeure or other circumstances not attributable to the B&B make it impossible to perform the Contract;
  • misleading or incorrect statements on material facts have been used in booking events, for example with respect to the name of the organiser or the purpose of event;
  • the B&B has good reason to assume that the event may jeopardise the B&B‘s smooth business operations, safety, or reputation in the public, without such matters being attributable to the B&B‘s scope of control or organisation;
  • unauthorised sub-letting or re-letting according to II clause 3 exists;
  • a case of VI clause 3 exists;
  • the B&B has gained knowledge of the fact that the financial situation of the Contractual Partner has considerably worsened after conclusion of contract, in particular if the guest does not settle due claims of the B&B or does not provide sufficient security and as a result payment claims of the B&B appear to be jeopardised;
  • any formal step has been taken by the Contractual Partner or by a third party with a view to the dissolution, liquidation or bankruptcy of the Contractual Partner or if the Contractual Partner becomes subject to a proceeding under the Act regarding the Continuity of Companies of 30 January 2009 (‘Wet Continuïteit ondernemingen’ or ‘WCO’).

4. The B&B is obliged to inform the Contractual Partner in writing of the exercise of the right of rescission without undue delay.

5. In the above cases of rescission, the Contractual Partner shall not be entitled to compensation for damage.

VI. Arrival and departure

1. The Contractual Partner is not entitled to the provision of specific rooms unless the B&B has confirmed the provision of specific rooms in writing.

2. Booked rooms shall be available to the Contractual Partner from 4.00 p.m. on the agreed date of arrival. The Contractual Partner shall not be entitled to earlier provision unless it has agreed on this with the B&B in writing.

3. Booked rooms shall be claimed by the Contractual Partner or by the respective participants of the event on the agreed date of arrival by 7.00 p.m. at the latest. Unless a later time of arrival has expressly been agreed, the B&B shall have the right, after 7.00 p.m., to place the booked rooms with other customers, without the Contractual Partner being able to claim any compensation as a result. In this regard the B&B is entitled to rescission. On the agreed date of departure, the rooms shall be vacated and placed at the B&B‘s free disposal by 11.00 a.m. at the latest. For rooms not vacated by then, the B&B may charge, beyond the damage incurred to it thereby, until 6.00 p.m. the daily room rate for the additional use of the room and from 6.00 p.m. 100 % of the full applicable price for board and lodging. The Contractual Partner is free to prove to the B&B that no damage or a considerably lower damage was incurred to the B&B.

VII. Changes in number of participants and time of event

1. Upon placing the order, the Contractual Partner is obliged to indicate to the B&B how many persons are expected to participate in the event. Four working days prior to the event at the latest, the B&B must receive notice of the final number of participants in writing so as to ensure thorough preparation. A change in the number of participants by more than 5 % shall require the B&B‘s consent.

2. When charging services to be rendered by it based on the number of registered participants (such as food and beverage), the B&B shall calculate its price based on the actual number of persons present if the registered and contractually agreed number of participants increases. If the contractually agreed number of participants decreases by more than 5 %, the B&B shall be entitled to charge for the contractually agreed number of participants less 5 %. 3. If the number of participants decreases by more than 10 %, the B&B shall be entitled to reasonably increase the prices and to change the confirmed rooms unless such increase and/or change would be unreasonable for the Contractual Partner. The prices may also be changed by the B&B if the Contractual Partner subsequently wishes to make changes to the number of the participants, the services of the B&B or the duration of the event, and the B&B gives its consent thereto. If a separable part of a booked event is not used, the B&B may request reasonable compensation for the part not called pursuant to the provisions of IV clause 1 a) to c).

4. The Contractual Partner is free to prove that the B&B‘s expenditure savings are higher.

5. If the agreed times scheduled for the beginning and the end of the event are postponed without the B&B‘s prior written consent, the B&B may invoice additional costs for the provision of personnel and equipment unless the B&B is responsible for such postponement.

6. For events lasting later than 11.00 p.m., the B&B may, unless otherwise provided, charge its personnel costs as of such time on an itemised basis. Moreover, the B&B may invoice travel expenses incurred to its staff on an itemised basis if they have to leave for home outside public transport operating hours.

VIII. Food and beverages brought in

The Contractual Partner may bring along food and beverage to the events only if this is agreed with the B&B in writing. In these cases the B&B may charge a service fee to cover the overhead costs.

IX. Holding of the event

1. If the B&B obtains technical or other equipment for the event from third parties for and on instruction of the Contractual Partner, it shall act on behalf of, on authorisation by and for the account of the Contractual Partner. The Contractual Partner is liable for careful handling and orderly return of such equipment. It shall indemnify the B&B from any claims asserted by third parties resulting from the use of such equipment.

2. The use of electrical equipment owned by the Ordering Party or the Contractual Partner with the B&B‘s power mains shall require the B&B‘s prior written consent. Any disruptions or damage to the B&B‘s technical installations resulting from the use of such devices and equipment shall be borne by the Contractual Partner unless such damage is attributable to the B&B. The B&B is entitled to record and charge the electricity costs resulting from such use on a flat-rate basis.

3. With the B&B‘s consent, the Contractual Partner is entitled to use its own telephone, telefax and data transmission equipment. The B&B may charge line and connection fees for such use. If the connection of the Contractual Partner‘s own systems results in the B&B systems suitable for the intended purpose remaining unused, a reasonable compensation for loss of use may be charged.

4. The B&B shall endeavour to remediate immediately any disruptions to the technical or other equipment provided by the B&B as notified by the Contractual Partner without undue delay. Payment may not be withheld or reduced unless such disruptions are attributable to the B&B.

5. The Contractual Partner is obliged to procure at its own expense all consents of the authorities as may be required to carry out the event. It is responsible for complying with such consents as well as any other provisions under public law in connection with the event. If the Contractual Partner delegates performance of services as part of the event (such as assembly works, etc.) to third parties, the Contractual Partner shall ensure observance of all relevant occupational protection and safety regulations.

6. The Contractual Partner is responsible for satisfying the formalities and for settlement with the competent institutions (e.g. SABAM) as required within the scope of music performance and sound systems arranged by the Contractual Partner itself.

7. The Contractual Partner may not use names and trademarks of the B&B as part of advertising for the event except as agreed on in advance with the B&B.

X. Items brought in

1. Should the Contractual Partner bring along exhibition pieces or other items – even personal items – to the event rooms/the B&B, it shall do so at its own risk. The B&B accepts no liability for loss, destruction or damage except in cases of gross negligence or intent on the part of the B&B. This shall not apply to losses arising from injury to life, limb or health. Also excluded from this liability exemption are all cases in which safe custody constitutes a duty typical for the contract in question.

2. Decoration material brought along must comply with the fire prevention regulations for which the B&B is entitled to request a confirmation issued by the competent authorities. If such confirmation is not furnished, the B&B shall be entitled to remove material already brought along at the customer‘s expense. Given the potential damage involved, installation and mounting of items shall require prior consultation and agreement with the B&B.

3. After the end of the event, the exhibition or other items brought in shall be removed without undue delay. The B&B is entitled to remove and store any items left behind at the Contractual Partner‘s expense. If such removal involves an unreasonably high expenditure, the B&B is entitled to leave the items in the room in which the event took place and to charge the respective rent for such room for the time during which the items remain therein. The Contractual Partner is reserved the right to prove that less damage was incurred and the B&B is reserved the right to prove that higher damage was incurred.

4. Packaging material (cardboard, boxes, plastic material, etc.) attributable to the Contractual Partner or a third party in connection with the delivery of items for the event shall be disposed of or removed by the Contractual Partner. If the Contractual Partner leaves packaging material in the B&B, the B&B is entitled to dispose of it at the Contractual Partner‘s expense.

XI. Liability of the Contractual Partner

1. The Contractual Partner shall be liable for all damage to buildings or fixtures caused by event participants and/or visitors, employees, other third parties from Contractual Partner‘s sphere or by the Contractual Partner itself or its legal representatives and agents.

2. The B&B may request the Contractual Partner to provide reasonable security to cover any claims for damage (e.g. insurance, guaranty deposits, guarantees).

XII. Liability of the B&B, limitation

1. In the event of any disruption to or defects in the services of the B&B, the B&B shall endeavour to remedy the same as notified by the Contractual Partner without undue delay. If the Contractual Partner culpably fails to notify the B&B of a defect, this shall not establish a right to reduce the contractually agreed remuneration.

2. Subject to the statutory provisions, the B&B shall be liable for all damage arising from injury to life, limb and health and for malicious non-disclosure of defects.

3. For all other damage not covered by XII clause 2 and caused by slight negligence on the part of the B&B, its legal representatives or its agents, the B&B shall be liable only if such damage is attributable to a material contractual obligation or a cardinal obligation having been breached in a manner jeopardising the purpose of the contract. In these cases liability shall be limited to the damage typically foreseeable for this contract type.

4. The foregoing limitations of liability shall apply to all damage claims, irrespective of their legal ground, including claims in tort. The foregoing limitations and exclusions of liability shall also apply to any claims for damages of a Contractual Partner against employees or agents of the B&B.

5. For items brought in, the B&B is liable to the Contractual Partner subject to the statutory provisions, i.e. up to 100 times the room rate per day (VAT and other taxes excluded), however, up to a maximum of EUR 3,500.00. For valuables (cash, jewellery etc.), liability shall be limited to EUR 800.00. The B&B recommends depositing items in the room safe or central hotel safe.

6. If the Contractual Partner is provided with a parking space in the garage or the car-park of the B&B, even against payment, this shall not constitute the conclusion of a contract of bailment. The B&B shall not have any surveillance obligations for the vehicles. If vehicles or the contents of vehicles parked or otherwise situated on the B&B premises are lost or damaged, the B&B shall be not liable unless the B&B has caused such damage by intent or gross negligence. This also applies to agents of the B&B. The damage must be asserted to the B&B on departure from the B&B at the latest.

7. Wake-up services shall be performed by the B&B with the utmost care. Claims for damages are excluded except in cases of gross negligence or intent.

8. The B&B shall treat with care messages, mail and consignment of goods for the Contractual Partner and the participants. The B&B shall ensure delivery, storage and, upon request and against payment, forwarding of the same as well as of found items upon inquiry. Claims for damages shall be excluded except in cases of gross negligence or intent. The B&B is entitled to hand over the aforementioned items to the local lost property office after a storage period of one month at the latest, charging a reasonable fee.

9. The Contractual Partner‘s claims for damages shall fall under the statute of limitations no later than two years from the time the Contractual Partner obtains knowledge of the damage, or, irrespective of such knowledge, no later than three years from the damaging event. This shall not apply to liability for damages arising from injury to life or limb as well as for any other damage based on a breach of duty through intent or gross negligence on the part of the B&B, a legal representative or an agent of the B&B.

XIII. Final provisions

1. Changes or amendments to the Contract, to the acceptance of the offer or to these General Terms for Event Organisation must be made in writing. Any unilateral changes or modifications on the part of the Contractual Partner shall be invalid. To preserve the written form requirements defined in these General Terms, it shall also suffice if such notice is made by fax or e-mail.

2. Place of performance and payment shall be the registered office of the B&B.

3. Any dispute regarding the interpretation or application of the Contract or these General Terms and Conditions falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels.

4. The laws of the Kingdom of Belgium shall apply to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

5. Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions for Event Organisation be or become invalid or void, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. The statutory provisions shall apply additionally.

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