As Hallerbos B&B is opening this autumn, we have no official B&B guest reviews to share with you yet. But we do have literally thousands of wonderful memories of our times together here over the past 30 years with our 37-member De Cort family, our 27-member “Gite Group” of friends, our two daughters’ scouts groups, Jaak’s football team and their families, my work colleagues and their families – for team retreats, Easter egg hunts, communions, spring walks through the hyacinth flowers, summer BBQs and pool parties, autumn forest walks, Halloween campfires, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, new years’ celebrations, birthdays, wedding parties, just chilling on the back terrace, etc., etc. We look forward to seeing them all again here when Hallerbos B&B opens this autumn! And we are delighted to welcome new friends and colleagues! 

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