The 622-hectare Hallerbos Forest is one of the seven most breathtaking forests in the world. It is world famous for its fairytale valleys of purple-blue wild hyacinth carpets in the spring. But each season offers nature’s beauty and all year round you can let yourself be enchanted by the special atmosphere of the Hallerbos Forest. Read all about it in Melissa’s Meanderings. And there’s something fun to do in Halle everyday! There are many monthly and yearly traditional and cultural events. The most colourful of these is the Spring Halle Carnival! Below is only a taste, so sign up for our email alerts and follow us on social media to receive invitations.


1 – 30 November | World Month in Halle (cultural, food and music events all month)

14 November | Autumn landscape walk. Walk of 5 km through the Grote Senne nature reserve and along sunken roads.

18 November | Hello Dutch – Bike Tour

21 November | Autumn walk in Hallerbos. Red, orange, yellow, purple and brown, the forest is overflowing with colors and getting ready for winter.

28 November | Cycling from Leopold to Lumumba. 20 km with unique insight into the colonial past nearby. 

28 November | Forest and tree walk in and around the Begijnenbos


5 December | Meuse valley walk – Landscape and forest walk on the east flank of the Zenne valley in Essenbeek and Lembeek through the Warande.

12 December | Opening Reception for Hallerbos B&B (14:00 – 18:00)

15 December – 16 January | Halle skates! Public Ice Skating

2 January | Glühwein walk at Domain of Huizingen.


26 – 28 March | Halle Carnaval

1 – 30 April | White flower carpet of forest anemones in the Hallerbos Forest followed by Hyacinth flower carpet.

23 April | Annual Hyacinth Jogging (7.5, 14 and 21 km)

30 April – 1 May | Tour de Geuze

1 May | Zenne Valley festival

14 May | Hallerbos B&B Annual Party


Pool days at Hallerbos B&B all summer long

5 June | How not to deal with trees guided walk at Domain of Huizingen

5 June | Maria Procession. Tour through the countryside with Jenever shots along the way.

1 July – 31 August | Every monday evening Stroppen music concerts.

27 – 28 August | Gordel bike tour

27 – 28 August | Lambic Beer weekend

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