Imagine yourself a real cowboy and cross the forest on horseback! The Hallerbos Forest includes specially laid out trails for horses only. Need to rent a horse or want a guided tour? Just let us know and we’ll arrange that for you.

Practical info

Guided by coté poney

Horse rides are guided by Côté Poney in Braine-le-Château (6 kilometres from Hallerbos B&B. Rides are for adults and young riders over 12 years old. Younger riders can ride around the property which has a riding tower.

Basic experience needed

You must be able to make the horses stop, start, accelerate, decelerate and turn around. You must have enough experience to foresee a horse’s normal startle reactions in order to react effectively to them.

always up to date

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Pricing and availability

Prices starting at €40 per person. Group rates are also available. Safety equipment can be rented at Coté Poney. 14km route.

What to bring

Don’t forget to take water and a picnic as there is only one restaurant/cafe, t’Kriekske in the forest, and it is only 1 kilometre from Hallerbos B&B!

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