There is a large variety of walking and hiking trails from the B&B through the forest and neighbouring villages, ranging from 1-150 kilometres. Many are wheelchair accessible. Specific trails take you on a route with Roebuck, Sequoia Trees and more. 

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What's so special about the forest?

Do you want to know more about the Hallerbos Forest? Read Melissa’s Meanderings What’s so special about the Hallerbos Forest?

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Don’t forget to take water and a picnic as there is only one restaurant/cafe,  t’Kriekske in the forest, and it is only 1 kilometre from Hallerbos B&B!

The entrance to the 622-hectare Hallerbos Forest is 200 metres from Hallerbos B&B. It is one of the seven most breathtaking forests in the world. Each season offers nature’s beauty and all year round you can let yourself be enchanted by the special atmosphere of the Hallerbos Forest. There is enormous biodiversity in the Hallerbos Forest. You will find a wide variety of trees and the forest is teeming with wildlife.

If you want to know more about the Hallerbos Forest, read the stunningly illustrated book, “Het Hallerbos” (The Hallerbos Forest). It presents the forest’s enormous biodiversity beautifully and offers a voyage of discovery through the rich history of the forest. The book includes English and French summaries of every chapter. The proceeds of the sale of the book go entirely to the expansion of the forest through the Plan Boommarter Partnership which acquires land to connect the Hallerbos Forest to its wider surroundings of nature reserves and woodlands. The book also lets you take the Hallerbos Forest home with you after your visit!

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